EAC – Ripping – Archiving Albums

EAC is often used to create an exact copy of a CD which can be stored in a digital media archive or library. The goal is to preserve all information from a CD, such that the CD can be recreated from an archive and or is playable from a library. With EAC, the original audio files and a .cue file, an exact copy can be made and with FLAC files, a lossless music library may be built. Creating a folder which contains the audio files and a cue file is done via the following method:

  1. Open EAC and insert the CD you wish to archive.
  2. If using the freedb plugin, select the correct cover art
  3. Verify that the downloaded information is complete and correct
  4. Convert all CD information to title case
    Ripping - Upper All First Characters - Cropped
  5. Remove any extra spaces
    Ripping - Remove Unwanted Spaces - Cropped
  6. Detect the CD’s gaps
    Ripping - Action - Detect Gaps
  7. Create the cue sheet and album folders
    Ripping - Create Cue Sheet - Current Gap Settings
  8. Rip the CD in Burst Mode, which creates the individual audio files
    ripping to FLAC
  9. Switch to Secure Mode and re-rip tracks any tracks that did not rip accurately

This process also creates an EAC log file in the same folder.

CUERipper – Open Source PC CD Ripper With AccurateRip Support

CUERipper is an utility for extracting digital audio from CDs, an open-source alternative to EAC. It has a lot fewer configuration options, so is somewhat easier to use, and is included in CUETools package.

It supports MusicBrainz and freeDB metadata databases, AccurateRip and CTDB.

Hydrogen Audio Discussion

Open Source

CUETools – lossless audio / CUE sheet format conversion

The goal is to make sure the album image is preserved accurately. A lossless disc image must be lossless not only in preserving contents of the audio tracks, but also in preserving gaps and CUE sheet contents. Many applications lose vital information upon conversion, and don’t support all possible CUE sheet styles.

Supports AccurateRip

CueTools Database


AccurateRip ~ Accurate Digital Audio Extraction

AccurateRip™ furthers audio CD ripping by verifying ripped tracks against an Internet database, making sure they are error free.


Software supported:

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) – Audio CD Ripper With AccurateRip Support


A highly recommended, configurable audio ripper & CD writer with AccurateRip support and C2 error reporting. Built in support for FLAC, mp3 and almost any audio format.