Foobar2000 ~ Installing Analog VU Meters

Adding an analog VU meter to the Foobar2000 DUI

Foobar 2000 Four Panels - Default Analog VU Meters

Foobar2000 – DUI – Four Panels – Default Analog VU Meters

Required component: foo_vis_vumeter.dll


  1. Download foo_vis_vumeter.dll
  2. Navigate to File \ Preferences \ Components
  3. Drag foo_vis_vumeter.dll to the component window
  4. Click Apply and then Ok to restart Foobar
  5. Copy any .bin skin files to the ...\AppData\Roaming\foobar2000\user-components\foo_vis_vumeter folder
  6. Select View \ Layout \ Enable layout editing mode
  7. Right click the tab area in a panel and select Add New Tab
  8. Right click the new tab and rename it “Analog VU Meter” or whatever
  9. Right click the new display area and select Add New UI Element
  10. Select Analog VU Meter from the list (Playback Visualization)
  11. Disable layout editing mode


Right-click the meter:

  • Layout submenu / Horizontal or Vertical / Dual or Single / Mono / Lock Aspect Ratio
  • Select skin

Preferences / Advanced / Display / VU Meter:

  • VU meter sensitivity – Default left and right preamp (db): 20 and rise time(s) 0.20s

Scroll wheel

  • Adjusts meter sensitivity

Analog VU Meter Skins (DeviantArt):
Behringer & Speakers
Hewitt Packard
LCD Style, Blue, Horizontal
LCD Style, Vertical
noel62 VU Meters Pack
Sony TC-1xxx
Sony TC-2xxx
Sony TC-3xxx
Technics RT-671 NB
Technics RT-671 NW
Technics RT-671 NZ
Technics RT-671 NX
Teac NX

Sources: (Russian)


14 responses to “Foobar2000 ~ Installing Analog VU Meters

  1. Hello. When I right click on the VMU meters and then select “layout” there is no “skins” option. Everything else is there Left+ Right, Left Only, Right Only, Mono, etc, but no “skin”.

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  2. Outstanding tutorial with all the relevant links that actually work, thanks. I updated my Fooobar to the latest version which messed up the VU plugin I already had. This article helped to reset everything and even let me use some new .BINs. Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

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